About this Site

Welcome to the Highland High School, Pocatello, Idaho, Class of 1971 official website. If you are a member of our class and this is your first visit to this page, thank you for visiting.

This website was started and quickly built to help support the efforts to organize our 40 year class reunion. We started late with the website and it did not provide much benefit for the 40 year reunion but we hope to to use it going forward to help us plan the next reunion and all other activities and events with which our class is involved. Since the reunion, I have been slowly adding more functionality and importing pictures posted on our facebook group page that were taken at the reunion.

If we have any website designers in the class that would like to offer their services to improve the look and feel of the site, please contact me, Turn on Javascript!. I am a software developer and dedicated to implementing best practices but my strengths are development, not design.

Feel free to contact me at Turn on Javascript! if you have any questions,

Doug Fleming, HHS Class of '71